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In Russia, you have only really two main cities and everything else is really spread out, small towns and such.
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Tell us about the band's latest release?It focuses on personal doom and the irrelevance of people in the world.The band has had two drummers, three bassists, and three female lead singers since it started nine years ago.Weve got songs competing against brutal death metal on the charts, and other songs that could compete with Lady Gaga or trip hop on our.We show things from our own perspective and let people make their own decisions about if its right or wrong or some kind of example to follow.Durch den Erfolg des Albums und der Single wurde die Band nochmals beim ramp in vier Kategorien nominiert.Myspace llegando a recibir más.000 visitas en el primer mes y más.000 reproducciones en el Myspace player.Electronic, clean vocals, rap, screaming vocals, heavy guitars, acoustic guitars, industrial effects, and traditional Russian melodies.Soundtracks (OST) und Kompilationen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten 2003: OST Bumer 2003: Kompilation Nashestvie XIV 2004: Kompilation scang fest 3 2004: Kompilation Rock Maraphon 2005: Kompilation ramp : OST Piranha hunting 2006: Kompilation Russian Alternative : OST Shadow Fight 2 2013: Angel or Demon ramp Awards.Wow, I never get this question.The Black Parade, where all these freaks are traveling back from a funeral, or maybe on their way to one.Thats what really matters.Sie tourten mit russischen Bands wie Animal JazZ und The Dolphin durchs Land.Auf diesem Konzert haben sie auch zum ersten Mal den größten Teil der gespielten Lieder komplett auf Englisch gesungen.Im not trying to brag at all, but I want people to understand the point that even when fans show the people in control what they want, the people in control still dont care.Nookie is a fun way to say what we all know it really means, and thats how I think about it: It should just be fun and without any serious consequences or head trips afterward.

Sie waren die einzige Band mit dieser Anzahl an Nominierungen in diesem Jahr.So for the second year in a row, when we came onstage, literally thousands of people walked the kilometer from the main stage to the alternative stage.The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance always makes me feel better when I listen.If anybody wonders why we made an English-language CD, here is your answer.What are your favorite hard-rock and metal albums?I feel like Im flirting with all the guys in the crowd when I hear I did it all the for the Nookie.When we left, most went back to the main stage.
Who are your biggest musical heroes and why?